2015 Online Stock Plan Fundamentals

Why this education is critical:
  • Stock plan practices are under active scrutiny by the IRS, the SEC, shareholders, and other watch groups, such as ISS and Glass Lewis.
  • Equity compensation impacts a company's earnings per share and reported financials.
  • Transactions must be reported on time and correctly to the SEC, the IRS and shareholders. There are no grace periods or special dispensations for mistakes, which can be costly and embarrassing.
How we present the fundamentals:
  • Webcast sessions illustrate stock plan concepts and best practices as they fit into the new regulatory landscape.
  • Extensive online materials provide in-depth coverage of course topics.
  • Quizzes test your understanding of the materials and supplemental materials help you apply your new knowledge to your own plans.
All webcasts are archived and available online after the live presentation. You can begin the program at any time!
What we cover:
Six webcasts will cover the stock plan essentials, including:
  • Characteristics, requirements, and tax treatment of non-qualified awards, incentive stock options, restricted stock and employee stock purchase plans.
  • Accounting treatment of stock compensation, including an introduction to option valuation.
  • Securities law considerations, including registration requirements and Section 16 reporting.
  • Best practices for accurate and efficient stock plan administration.
  • Overview of stock plan concepts, terminology, and functional interactions.
Preparation for the CEP Exam:
The course program adheres to the CEP exam curriculum and course quizzes are aligned with CEP testing standards, making the Fundamentals an excellent preparatory program for CEP exam candidates.
Praise for the course from past participants:
"I love the structure of the Fundamentals series. The lifecycle slides are perfect for bringing the concepts discussed to life."
"Excellent material coverage and you can tell the speakers are very knowledgeable about the subjects."
"Excellent material and presentation. I am new to Stock Plan Administration, and this course helped to bridge gaps I had with the technical knowledge and practical knowledge. Thank you!"
"I have been so impressed with the broadcasts and the materials. Definitely worth my money and time."
Class Schedule:
Webcast 1: Introduction and Securities Law

The first webcast in the series is an introduction to equity compensation plan administration, including general roles and responsibilities, an overview of corporate law and the industry regulators. The introduction is followed by a discussion of U.S. securities regulations governing equity compensation, including share registration and Section 16 requirements.

2.00 hours of continuing education for CEPs
Webcast 2: Taxation of Equity Compensation

The second session in the series presents an overview of the U.S. tax rules and regulations as they apply to equity compensation. The webcast includes a discussion of taxation issues for incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, restricted stock awards/units and employee stock purchase plans.

2.00 hours of continuing education for CEPs
Webcast 3: Accounting for Equity Compensation

The third webcast focuses on the accounting treatment of equity compensation, including ASC 718, option valuation, earnings per share and other topics that any new plan administrator should be familiar with.

2.00 hours of continuing education for CEPs
Webcast 4: Plan Administration (Restricted Stock Arrangements)

The fourth webcast in the series will focus directly on administrative matters related to restricted stock arrangements. Topics include: grant practices, plan reserve management, employee education and inter-departmental communications, and vesting/release considerations.

2.00 hours of continuing education for CEPs
Webcast 5: Plan Administration (Stock Options)

The fifth presentation in the series will focus directly on administrative matters related to stock options. Topics include: grant practices, exercise methods and procedures, employee education and inter-departmental communications and forfeiture/ cancellation considerations.

2.00 hours of continuing education for CEPs
Webcast 6: Plan Administration (ESPPs)

Employee stock purchase plans are a unique form of equity compensation; administrative procedures and practices for these programs differ from other equity arrangements. The final webcast in our program focuses on how to administer an ESPP, particularly Section 423 plans.

2.00 hours of continuing education for CEPs